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    Official name: Vinhomes Grand Park - Great city along the river.
    Owner: Vingroup - Investor of Vinhomes apartments
    Project location: Road Nguyen Xien assigned with Phuoc Thien, Ward Long Binh, District 9, TP. Ho Chi Minh City (Old Island Phuoc Thien)
    Total area: Over 271 ha.
    Scale: expected 71 blocks of apartment blocks, 44,000 apartments, 700 apartments of Shophouse, 1,700 townhouses and 500 villas.
    Building density: From 20 - 25%
    Construction unit: Contecons contractor - Vietnam's largest general contractor.
    Vinhomes apartment height: From 25 - 35 floors.
    Area: Căn hộ Vinhomes Grand Park Apartment District 9 covers an area of 30 - 90 m2 (1 - 3 comfortable bedrooms).
    Design: all apartments will have balconies, owning many beautiful views with space to enjoy cool air from Dong Nai river. Floor height of about 3.1m.
    Utilities: parks, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, swimming pools, sports grounds, cinemas, entertainment areas ...
    Vinhomes apartment price in District 9:
    1 Bedroom Apartment: Estimated about 1.2 billion ...
    Two-Bedroom Apartment: Estimated about 1.5 billion - 1.8 billion
    3-Bedroom Apartment: Estimated about 2 billion - 2.2 billion
    Vinhomes Street House District 9: Updating ...
    Vinhomes Shophouse District 9: Updating ...
    Vinhomes Villa District 9: Updating ...
    Time to start the project: the third quarter of 2018
    Expected to hand over and put into operation: 2021.
    Legal: Pink book
    Vietnamese (Long-Lasting, Permanent) - Foreigners (50 Years)

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